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    Study Day

    Relations of the university with the socio-economic world

    Value Creation Team In collaboration with the company-university-BLEU liaison office

    Launch a call for papers for a study day on:

    Relations of the university with the socio-economic world

    On Tuesday 03 February 2020

    At the conference room of Dr.BEHLALI Seid Research Laboratory Block


    study day

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    Study day - How to prepare scientific research in accordance with international standards - on 05-05-2019

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    Study Day: Challenges of Implementing Governance under E-Commerce-28-10-2019

    The Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences at the University of Biskra on Monday, October 28, 2019, through the laboratory:financial, banks and Managment LFBM and in coordination with the CNEPRU research team for governance in Algeria, organized a study day at the Faculty discussion hall under the title of challenges of applying governance in light of Electronic Commerce and this presence in the presence of Ms. Dean of the Faculty Professor Hanan Djoudy in addition to professors and students of the Faculty.

    Ms. Insaf Kasuri during her supervision of the start of the activities of this school day gave a brief presentation of the most important axes embodied in many lectures presented by a group of professors and doctors of the college on the most important topics, including e-governance and e-government in a conceptual approach, e-governance and e-government applications and new trends, in addition To the effects of e-governance on the quality of public service, and the mechanisms and measures taken to activate e-government by the Bank of Algeria

     In addition to highlighting the most important principles and rules for the management and control of institutions through electronic methods, in addition to highlighting the most important measures used to establish electronic governance and activate the work in Algeria, as well as access to the most important laws and reforms related to electronic commerce adopted in the Algerian law, which regulates all electronic transactions to prevent corruption and circumvention related to information and communication technology and control.

    This seminar concluded with many recommendations related to governance and its relation to e-commerce and the challenges of its application in light of this electronic momentum, calling for deepening awareness of the concept of e-government through the organization of seminars and lectures, and to take special precautionary accounting and regulatory measures for the Algerian banking system. The need to provide legal awareness and legislation related to electronic transactions in addition to the development of infrastructure and the preparation of regulations for such legislation and laws. During the event, the professors participating in this school day were honored for their efforts and in recognition of their outstanding role in the success of this scientific meeting.

    The work of the second day of the activities of the National Forum

    The work of the second day of the activities of the National Forum

    Before announcing the closing ceremony, the family of the forum, headed by Mrs. Dean, honored Professor Zouzou Abdallah, and a group of professors made a speech in a spontaneous way against the professor, which gave a distinctive atmosphere.

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