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Publications nationales

1- Drug Likeness Scoring And Structure Activity/Property Relationships Of 1,2,3-Triazole Derivateves As Aromatase Inhibitor,  ,  S. Belaidi et al. ,J Fundam Appl Sci. 2018, 10(3), 500-524


Publications internationales

1. Structure-Property Relationships and QSAR Modeling of  Detoxication Properties of some 1,2-Dithiole-3-thione Derivatives; Nadjib Melkemi and Salah Belaidi , Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience   11, 801-806 (2014)

2. Electronic Structure and physical-chemistry property relationship for Cephalosporin derivatives, Malika Mellaoui, Salah Belaidi, Djemoui Bouzidi  and  Noureddine Gherraf, Quantum Matter 3, 435-441 (2014)

3. Electronic structure and physical-chemistry conductivity relationship for new conducting polymers by quantum calculations, Salah Belaidi, Aicha Kerassa, Salim Djekhaba, Youcef  Boumedjane  and Djemoui Bouzidi , Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg, vol 64, 68- 83, 2014,

4. Molecular structure, vibrational and electronic properties of 4-phenyl-3H-1,3-thiazol-2-ol using density functional theory and comparison of drug efficacy of keto and enol forms  by QSAR Analysis, Alok K. Sachan, Shilendra K. Pathak, Onkar Prasad, Salah Belaidi and Leena Sinha, Spectrochimica Acta Part A Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Vol 132,  Pages 568-581, 2014

5. Electronic Structure and effect of methyl substitution in oxazole and thiazole by quantum chemical calculations, Salah Belaidi , Radhia Mazri, Malika Mellaoui, Aicha Kerassa and Houmam Belaidi, Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, vol 5(3), Pages 811-818, 2014

6. Structure Activity Relationships, QSAR Modeling and Drug-like calculations of TP inhibition of 1,3,4-oxadiazoline-2-thione Derivatives, Zineb Almi, Salah Belaidi, Touhami LANEZNoureddine Tchouar, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, 2014 vol 18. Pages 113-122,

7. Electronic Structure and Physical-Chemistry Properties Relationship for Phenothiazine Derivatives by Quantum Chemical Calculations, Salah Belaidi , Zineb Almi and Djemoui Bouzidi, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, Vol. 11, 2481-2488 (2014)

8. Conformational Analysis, Substituent Effect and Structure activity Relationships of 16-Membered Macrodiolides, Radhia Mazri, Salah Belaidi, Aicha KerassaTouhami Lanez, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, 2014; 14(2):146-167.

9. Computational Methods Applied in Physical-Chemistry property Relationships of  Thiophene Derivatives, Salah Belaidi, Houmam Belaidi and Djemoui Bouzidi, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience,

 Vol 12 1737-1745 (2015)

10. SAR and QSAR Modeling of some 3-(aryl)-N-(aryl)-1, 2, 4-oxadiazol-5-amine Derivatives as Anti-proliferative Agents,  Salah Belaidi , Aicha Kerassa , Touhami Lanez  and Mehmet Cinar ,  Journal  of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, vol  12, 2127-2133 (2015)

11. Structural Exploration and QSAR Properties for 1.2.5-Oxadiazole Derivatives, Zineb Almi , Salah Belaidi  and Lamri Segueni  , Rev. Theor. Sci. 3, 264-272 (2015)

12. SAR and QSAR Modeling of Antitrypanosomal Activities of Alkyldiamine Cryptolepine Derivatives . Salah Belaidi , Toufik Salah , Nadjib Melkemi , Leena Sinha and Onkar Prasad , J. Comput. Theor. Nanosci. 12, 2421-2427 (2015)

13. Molecular geometry, electronic properties, MPO methods and structure activity/property relationship studies of 1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives by theoretical calculations , Toufik Salah , Salah Belaidi , Nadjib Melkemi  and Noureddine Tchouar, Reviews in theoretical science,  (2015), Rev. Theor. Sci. 3, 355-364 (2015) ,  (Review Paper).

14. A DFT-based QSARs of some 1,2-Dithiole-3-thione Derivatives as Inducers of Quinine Reductase

Nadjib Melkemi , Salah Belaidi , Toufik Salah and Ismail Daoud ,  Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 2015, 6(2) Page No. 2017-2024

15. In silico evaluation of Molecular Structure, Vibrational Spectra and Substitution Effect of Hydantoin

Salah Belaidi, Lazhar Bouchlaleg, Dalal Harkati and Toufik Salah,  Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 2015, 6(2) Page No. 861-873

16. Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Study for Development of Plasmin Inhibitors Controlled by the Spacer Hydantoin ; Lazhar Bouchlaleg, Salah Belaidi, Toufik Salah  and Ahmed M. Alafeefy , Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience,vol 12, 3949-3955 (2015)

17.  Qualitative QSAR studies, Electronic Structure, Drug likeness of 1,2-dithiole-3-one Derivatives ; Yasmina Rouahna, Salah Belaidi, Dalal Harkati, Aicha Kerassa Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, vol 12 (2015), J. Comput. Theor. Nanosci. 12, 4233-4241 (2015)

18.  In silico Approach for Conformational Analysis, drug-likeness properties and Structure activity Relationships of 12-Membered Macrolides, Salah Belaidi, Oumhani Youcef, Toufik Salah, and Touhami Lanez , Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, vol 12 (11), 4855-4861 (2015)

19.  Qualitative Structure-Activity Relationships and 2D-QSAR Modeling of TNF-α Inhibition by Thalidomide Derivatives , Keltoum Dermeche, Noureddine Tchouar, Salah Belaidi  and Toufik salah, J. Bionanosci.Vol. 9, 395–400, 2015

20.  Structure Activity/Property Relationships of pyrazole Derivatives by MPO and QSAR Methods for Drug Design, Riad Hanachi, Salah Belaidi, Aicha Kerassa  and Salima Boughdiri, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biological and Chemical Sciences, vol 6, 2015,   Page No. 923

21. Theoretical Studies of Structure/Activity Relationships Applied To Flavone Derivates for Drug Discovery, Khadija Ben Smida, Salah Belaidi , Imane Benbrahim and Salima Boughdiri , Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biological and Chemical Sciences, vol 6 (2015), 2015,    Page No. 874

22. Computational Study of Some Double Headed Acyclo-C-Nucleosides, Sarah Amara, Noureddine Tchouar and Salah Belaidi, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy Vol. 61 (2015) pp 1-11

23. Structure Activity Relationship and QSAR Modeling of Cyto-toxicity of Phenothiazine Derivatives, Zineb Almi, Salah Belaidi , Nadjib Melkemi, Salima Boughdiri, Lotfi Belkhiri, Quantum Matter 5, 124-129 (2016)

24. Molecular structure, substituent effect and physical-chemistry property relationship of indole derivatives, Dalal Harkati  , Salah Belaidi , Aicha Kerassa  and Noureddine Gherraf , Quantum Matter , 5, 36-44 (2016)

25. Investigations on Molecular Structure, Electronic Properties, NLO Properties and Comparison of  Drug-likeness of  Triazolothiadiazole Derivatives by Quantum methods and QSAR Analysis. Aicha  Kerassa , Salah Belaidi , Harkati dalal ,  Touhami Lanez  Onkar Prasad  and Leena Sinha ; Reviews in theoreticcal science,  4, 85-96 (2016)

26. Computational study of structure-property relationships  for  1,2,4-oxadiazole-5-amine derivatives, Kerassa Aicha , Salah Belaidi  and Touhami Lanez , Quantum Matter 5, 45-52 (2016)

27.  Molecular modeling of photochemical and thermal sigmatropic hydrogen migration in the formation of tautomeric forms of some biomolecules in DNA ; Oumhani Youcef , Salah Belaidi  and Toufik Salah ; , Quantum Matter  vol 4, (2016) Quantum Matter 5, 622-628 (2016)

28. Predictive Qualitative Structure-Property / Activity Relationships for Drug Design in some of Antimycobacterial Pyrrole derivatives , Salah Belaidi, Houmam Belaidi, Aicha Kerassa and Djemoui Bouzidi, Quantum Matter 5,798-805, (2016).

29. In Silico Investigation By Conceptual DFT And Molecular Docking Of Antitrypanosomal Compounds For Understanding Cruzain Inhibition,  Toufik Salah ,Salah Belaidi, Nadjib Melkemi, Ismail Daoud , Salima Boughdiri,  Journal Of Theoretical And Computational Chemistry, Vol. 15, 1650021 (2016)

30. Electronic Structure and Physical-Chemistry Properties Relationship for Citral Derived Amides by Quantum Chemical Calculations. Rim Gharbi , Zineb Almi , Salah Belaidi , and Salima Boughdiri ;   Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biological and Chemical Sciences ; vol 7(1) ;1547 ;2016 

31. Structure-Activity/Property Relationships and QSAR Modeling of Antiamoebic activity of Citral Derived amides ; Rim Gharbi , Zineb Almi , Salah Belaidi , and Salima Boughdiri ;   Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biological and Chemical Sciences ; 2016 ; vol 7(2) ,651

32.Computational study of molecular electrostatic potential, Drug likeness screening and Structure-Activity/Property Relationships of thiazolidine-2,4-dione derivatives, Sihem Medjahed , Salah Belaidi , Salim Djekhaba, Noureddine Tchouar and Aicha Kerassa, J. Bionanosci. 10, 118-126 (2016)

33. Vibronic coupling to simulate the phosphorescence spectra of Ir(III)-based OLED systems: TD-DFT results meet experimental data, Houmam Belaidi, Salah Belaidi, Claudine Katan, Camille Latouche, Abdou Boucekkine, J.Mol.Model., (2016) 22:265-272

34. Structural Investigation, Drug Likeness Scoring and Structure Activity/Property Relationships applied On 1,2,3-Thiadiazole Derivatives, With Kinase Inhibitors Activity ; Oualid Oukil, Noureddine Tchouar, Salah Belaidi, Toufik Salah , And Mehmet Cinar, Revue Roumaine de Chimie ; 2017, 62(1), 81-92

35. Property/activity Relationships and drug likeness for Pyrimidine Derivatives as serine/threonine  protein  kinase  B  Inhibitors ; Saida Khamouli, Salah Belaidi , Zineb Almi, Sihem Medjahed , J. Bionanosci. 11, 301–309 (2017)

36.. Quantitative Structure Anti-Proliferative activity against HEPG2 and SW1116 Relationships in a series of pyrazine Derivatives, Fatima Soualmia, Salah Belaidi ,  Noureddine Tchouar ,  Zineb Almi , J. Bionanosci. 11, 584–591 (2017)

37.. Molecular Docking Studies and ADMET Properties of New 1.2.3 Triazole Derivatives for Anti-Breast Cancer Activity, Mebarka Ouassaf, Salah Belaidi, Khaled Lotfy, Ismail Daoud, and Houmam Belaidi, J. Bionanosci. 12, 26–36 (2018)

38. Chemical reactivity, Drug-likeness and Structure Activity/Propriety Relationship studies of 2, 1, 3-Benzoxadiazole derivatives as Anti-cancer activity, Imane Almi, Salah Belaidi, Nadjib Melkemi, and Djemoui Bouzidi, J. Bionanosci. 12, 49–57 (2018)

39. QSAR Studies of 1,2,5-Thiadiazole Derivatives Analogues of Aceclidine as Potent M1 Muscarinic Agonists , Zoulikha Sebaa, Noureddine Tchouar, Toufik Salah, Houmam Belaidi, Zineb Almi, and Salah Belaidi, J. Bionanosci. 12, 119–126 (2018)

40. Imidazole derivatives as angiotensin II AT1 receptor blockers: Benchmarks, drug-like calculations and quantitative structure-activity relationships modeling, Mebarka Allouia, Salah Belaidi, Hasna Othmani, Nejm-Eddine Jaidane, Majdi Hochlaf, Chemical Physics Letters, 696 (2018) 70–78

41. Qualitative and Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships Studies of Quercetin Derivatives as Chemotherapeutic Activity, Abderrahmane Rouane, Noureddine Tchouar, Aicha Kerassa, Mehmet Cinar, and Salah Belaidi, J. Bionanosci. 12, 278–283 (2018)

42. Drug Likeness Scoring and Quantitative Structure Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) Inhibitors Activities Relationships of Pyrazolone Derivatives, Karim Ouadah, Noureddine Tchouar, Salah Belaidi, Oualid Oukil, and Mehmet Cinar, J. Bionanosci. 12, 250–259 (2018)

43. Molecular Structure, Nbo Charges, Vibrational Assignments, Homo-Lumo and Fukui

Functions of Pyrazino [2, 3-D] Pyrimidine based on DFT Calculations, Ghamri M., Harkati D., Saleh B. A., Chikhaoui A.R., Belaidi S.; Der Pharma Chemica, 2018, 10(6): 179-187

44. QSAR Studies of amino-pyrimidine derivatives as Mycobacterium tuberculosis Protein Kinase B inhibitors ,  Saida Khamouli, Salah Belaidi  and Lotfi Belkhiri, Turkish Computational and Theoretical Chemistry , Turkish Comp Theo Chem (TC&TC), 2(2), (2018), 16 – 27                                                                                                             45-M. Lebid, M. Omari, Arab. J. Scien. Eng., Vol. 39, 1 , 147, 2014.                                                                                 46-K. Adaika, M. Omari, J. Sol-Gel Sci. Tech., Vol. 75, 2, 298, 2015.                                                                            47-L. Djoudi, M. Omari, J. Inorg. Organomet. Polym., Vol 25, 796, 2015.                                                                     48-S. Makhloufi, M. Omari, J. Inorg. Organomet. Polym., Vol 26, 32, 2016.                                                                  49-N. Madoui, M. Omari, J. Inorg. Organomet. Polym., Vol 26, 1005, 2016.                                                                    50-F. Djani, M. Omari, A. Martinez-Arias,  J. Sol-Gel Sci. Tech., Vol. 78, 01, 2016                                                        51-I. Chadli, M. Omari, M. Abu Dalo, B.A. Albiss, J. Sol-Gel Sci. Tech., 80, 598, 2016.                                               52- M. Lebid, M. Omari Iran. J. Chem. Chem. Eng., Vol. 35, No. 3, 75 , 2016                                                                    53- R. Benakcha, M. Omari, Synth. React. Inorg. M., 47 (7) , 1103, 2017.

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